ONLINE EVENT: Rights of Victims of Survived Bodily Harm - Improved Access to Clinical Forensic Examinations

Filmstill RiVi short film (by Johnny Be Good and Cinéma Humain)

The event is part of the EU-financed RiVi project on “Rights of Victims of Survived Bodily Harm: Improved Access to Clinical Forensic Examinations”.

The aim is to sensitize professionals who are the first contact points for victims of violence on victim’s rights with a focus on gender-based violence against women as well as on the important role of clinical forensic examinations in case the criminal offence will be brought to court. Additionally it is not only to explain how to carry out the technical examination, documentation and storage, but also about the need of a patient-centred conversation based on trust and safety.

The person exposed to violence should be strengthened, supported and informed about appropriate support structures so she or he is able to take further decisions. In that context it is highly important to promote already well-established good practices of professional clinical forensic examinations demonstrating how it can work.

Please find the programme and the registration form below. 
The event is public and without participation fee.

Donnerstag, 26. November 2020 - 10:00 bis 15:00