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Assistance to Commission 4 of the Ombudsmen Board

The Commissions are an integral part of the National Preventive Mechanism. The Austrian Ombudsmen Board and the new Commissions undertake preventive measures to ensure compliance with and implementation of the two international treaties (OPCAT and CRDP). The mandate extends to all institutions and facilities where people with and without disabilities are in danger of abuse, inhuman treatment and measures that deprive or may deprive them of their liberty. Overall, the Commissions monitor and control about 4,000 public and private institutions and facilities. These include, for example, prisons, barracks, police stations, and psychiatric institutions, homes for the elderly, long-term care facilities and facilities and programs for people with disabilities.

The monitoring visits are carried out by six Commissions countrywide, comprising at least 42 members. The Commissions are composed in an interdisciplinary way seeking broad representation of ethnic groups and minorities as well as equal gender representation. The members, which perform their work in the Commissions as a secondary job, undertake the visits as delegations representing different fields of expertise and capabilities.

The office of Commission 4 (Chair: Univ.-Prof. Dr. Ernst Berger) resides at the BIM.


Contact persons: 

Commission 4: Mag. Caroline Paar,

Lead Organisation: 
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights – Research Association
Human Dignity and Public Security