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Current Publications

Publication: Human Rights Law and Evidence-Based Policy: The Impact of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency

Human Rights Law and Evidence-Based Policy

The EU Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA) was established to provide evidence-based policy advice to EU institutions and Member States. By blending social science research with traditional normative work, it aims to influence human rights policy processes through new ways of framing empirical realities. The contributors to this volume critically examine the experience of the Agency in its first decade, exploring FRA’s historical, political and legal foundations and its evolving record across major strands of EU fundamental rights.

Cyber-Violence against Women and Girls in Austria

Logo Cyber-Violence against Women and Girls in Austria

In the period from 2017 to 2018 - on behalf of the Federal Chancellery and the Ministry for Health and Women's Affairs - a study and brochure on "Cyber-Violence against Women and Girls in Austria" were produced by the Research Centre Human Rights at the University of Vienna in cooperation with the victims protection association Weisser Ring and the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (coordinators: Anna Müller-Funk, Research Centre Human Rights / BIM, and Dina Nachbaur, Weisser Ring).

Human Rights in Numbers: Collecting statistical data on the status of (in)equality and discrimination

zeitschrift für menschenrechte: Human Rights in Numbers

The recent issue of the journal for human rights focuses on Human Rights in Numbers (Menschenrechte in Zahlen) and addresses the empirical assessment of the human rights situation using data, indicators and numbers. Monika Mayrhofer has written an article on the collection of equality data in the field of sexual orientation and gender identity, characteristics and expression.

Monika Mayrhofer for Minority Report 2019

Minority Report 2019

Climate change will have profound impacts on the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples. The report "Minority and Indigenous Trends 2019" discusses the challenges of climate change and the topic of climate justice with regard to minorities' and indigenous peoples' rights. The chapter written by Monika Mayrhofer gives a short overview of the discussion on terminology and regulation of mobility in the context of climate change, with a particular reference to minorities and indigenous peoples.