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Manfred Nowak publishes his new book "Human Rights or Global Capitalism: The Limits of Privatization"

"Human Rights or Global Capitalism" by Manfred Nowak

"Human Rights or Global Capitalism: The Limtis of Privitization" examines the application of neoliberal policies from a human rights perspective and asks whether states, by outsourcing to the private sector many services with a direct impact on humna rights, abdicate their responsibilities to uphold human rights and violate international law. 

Legal Protection Against Discrimination in South East Europe

Legal Protection Against Discrimination in South East Europe

Anti-discrimination is anchored in the constitution of the South East European (SEE) countries and is expressed in their substantive law. SEE countries are faced to reaffirm the strong focus on the principle of "fundamentals first" and to prioritise reforms in the key areas of rule of law, including fighting discrimination. Nevertheless the enforcement of anti-discrimination legislation in practice in SEE countries is not on satisfactory level due to many complex reasons behind.

Study: A new asylum policy for Europe?! Opting for a rights-based approach

A new asylum policy for Europe

The study, which was funded via the Call4Europe initiative of the crowdfunding platform, provides an overview of the international obligation to protect, an analysis of the EU asylum acquis and its deficiencies from a human rights perspective, presents current proposals for change and seeks to provide recommendations for steps towards a new asylum policy in and for Europe. Driven by a rights‘ based approach the study has intends to provide a counterbalance to the predominant discourse about irregular migration and asylum abuse.