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Decade of Roma Inclusion – Revision of the Macedonian National Action Plans on Education, Employment, Housing and Health

The project had the objective to revise the National Action Plans (NAPs) on Education, Employment, Housing and Health of the Decade of the Roma 2005-2015 in order to make them applicable political instruments (with benchmarks and indicators), thus facilitating real implementation and taking over of responsibility by the state institutions.
The project was based on a wide and inclusive consultation process, in the course of which a transfer of knowledge took place about the experience and lessons learned from other signatory states to the Roma Decade. On this basis, consultation among the relevant stakeholders (line ministries, relevant state agencies, national and local NGOs, international agencies) was facilitated within thematic workshops on education, employment, housing and health with a participatory approach. Gender was treated as a cross-cutting issue.
The NAPs are expected to be adopted by the government of the Republic of Macedonia and made publicly available in the course of March 2009. In order to reach the public, a PR-campaign about the action plans will take place after the adoption of the NAPs by dissemination of leaflets and posters elaborated and printed in the course of the project.

Persons involved: 

Projektkoordination: Christine Sommer
Internationale Expertin: Barbara Liegl
Projektmanager: Filippo Unterhofer
Lokaler Menschenrechtsexperte: Ninoslav Mladenovic
Administration: Jagoda Strasevska
Unter Mitwirkung lokaler ExpertInnen für die Bereiche Beschäftigung, Bildung, Gesundheit und Wohnungswesen

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Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights – Research Association
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OSCE Spillover Monitor Mission to Skopje
Development Cooperation and Business