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Final Conference: Developing Guidance for NHRIs to Strengthen Procedural Safeguards

As part of the EU Project ‘Strengthening the rights of persons suspected or accused in criminal proceedings – the role of National Human Rights Institutions’, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights (BIM) will host the Conference ‘Developing Guidance for NHRIs to Strengthen Procedural Safeguards’ on 24 October 2019 in Vienna.

The event, funded by the EU Commission, gathers National Human Rights Institutions (NHRIs) of the European Union area as well as other key experts from the national and international level to discuss how NHRIs can best promote and protect the rights of persons suspected and accused in criminal proceedings. The participants will be given the floor to share their experience and practices. The results of the Conference will be used as concrete guidance for NHRIs to strengthen procedural safeguards and will flow into a Guidebook.

In the course of the Project, the BIM, the Hungarian Helsinki Committee (Hungary), the Helsinki Foundation for Human Rights (Poland), and the Peace Institute (Slovenia) have conducted extensive research on the current and potential role of NHRIs in the promotion and protection of criminal procedural safeguards, including a Consultation Workshop in February 2019), and National Workshops in Austria, Hungary, Poland, and Slovenia.

Participation on invitation only.

Thursday, 24. October 2019 - 9:00 to 17:30
Haus der Europäischen Union, Wipplinger Straße 35, Wien