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„this human world“ – Austrian Human Rights Film Festival

From 2 to 12 December 2009, the human rights film festival “this human world” took place for the second time, with BIM as one of the main partners of the festival. On the occasion of the international hu-man rights day (10 December), the festival aims to raise the worldwide situation of human rights, and sensitise its audience for the topic. In course of the festival, more than 130 films were screened, mirror-ing a variety of human rights issues, such as the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Iron Curtain, poverty and development, minority rights in China, Iran and the financial crisis.

As a research institution BIM took over the role to analyse from a human rights perspective the issues raised in the films and make them accessible for the wider audience by hosting panel discussions with BIM as well as invited experts. The events were further part of the seminar “Cinema and Human Rights”, which had been offered during the winter term already for the third time at the University of Vienna.

During the festival, BIM organised seven screenings with subsequent panel discussions. One of the highlights of the festival was the documentary “10 Conditions of Love” at the Burgkino, at the presence of Rebiya Kadeer, the president of the “World Uyghur Congress”, whose work and life for the Uyghur minority is portrayed in the film. The other films screened were “My brother’s keeper”, documenting the work of Manfred Nowak as UN Special Rapporteur on Torture; “Hotel Sahara” on the situation of migrants from Africa on their way to Europe (with Corinna Milborn as one of the panelist), “8” on the UN Millenium Development Goals (panel discussion including Marijana Grandits (AIDS 2010)); “Afghan Women behind the Wheel” (screened at the Audimax, then occupied by students); and “Crossing the Line” (including Mortem Kjearum, Director of the European Fundamental Rights Agency, on the panel).

The events organised by BIM were visited by more than 1000 persons. With about 10.000 guests, “this human world 2009” attracted twice as many visitors as during the year before, and ranks already in its second year of existence among the largest festivals in Austria. The next edition of “this human world” is scheduled for 2 to 12 December 2010.


Persons involved: 

Organisation: Anna Müller-Funk, Roland Schmidt

BIM-ExpertInnen: Julia Kozma (Podium, „Crossing the Line”)
                                Manfred Nowak (Podium, “My brother’s keeper”)
                                Julia Planitzer (Podium, “Afghan Women behind the Wheel”)
                                Helmut Sax (Podium, “8”)


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Top Kino, Vienna
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Wien Kultur, Federal Ministry for Education, Arts and Culture, Austrian Ministry of Foreign Affairs, and others. Sponsors: Erste Bank, DHL, Der Standard, Air Berlin, Museumsquartier, and others
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