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Social Inclusion and Human Rights in Macedonia (MK)

The project aims at supporting the inclusion of the Human Rights Based Approach into the planning processes of the national and local authorities dealing with the issues of social inclusion, social protection and poverty reduction.

This includes identifying the vulnerable groups, consolidating their participation in the design and implementation of specific policies directed to improve their well-being, and supporting the creation of an effective system of accountability and monitoring of the relevant duty bearers.

In particular, the project aims to strengthen the capacities of the MLSP’s decentralised offices (Centers for Social Work) and the Employment Agency’s decentralised offices – as well as of the local authorities to provide efficient and effective social services to the most vulnerable groups, respecting the principles of the HRBA. Having in mind the decentralization process, the project will stress the obligation to bring the authorities closer to the citizens, especially close to the most vulnerable and poor inhabitants.

Moreover, the project will strengthen the coordination of the civil society in its role of being a social partner and improve its capacities in monitoring and holding the institutions accountable for guaranteeing the rights arising from the national and international human rights instruments which are in force in Macedonia.