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Atlas of Torture: Monitoring and Preventing Torture Worldwide – Building Upon the Work of the UN Special Rapporteur

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Moldawien, Paraguay, Togo, Uruguay, (Georgien)
Persons involved: 

Project leadership
Manfred Nowak

Project coordination
Moritz Birk

Project experts
Tiphanie Crittin, Johanna Lober, Jörg Stippel (bis Oktober 2013), Andrea Schüchner

Project administration
Karl Schönswetter

Contact persons: 
Lead Organisation: 
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights
Partner organisations: 
Research platform "Human Rights in the European Context", University of Vienna
Project start: 
Project end: 
Project completed: 
Funded by: 
European Commission, GD International Cooperation and Development, Foreign ministry of Norway, Foreign ministry of Liechtenstein
Human Dignity and Public Security