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Vienna “Human Rights City” - Process Consulting

Since 2013, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights is involved in the process of Vienna becoming a Human Rights City.

After the important milestones of adoption of the declaration "Human Rights City Vienna" by the City Council on 19 December 2014 and the nomination of a Human Rights Commissioner, the process in 2015 saw the opening of the Human Rights Office of the City of Vienna in September.

Whereas the declaration document establishes the framework conditions for creating a sustainable basis of human rights within the city structures, the main focus in 2015 was on the outline of an action plan and the identification of specifically human rights relevant policy areas. BIM experts proposed participation, social inclusion and fair distribution of resources, police and security policy as well as education as those fields of action which the implementation of measures should be focused on over the next years. This proposal was taken up by the steering group of the human rights city process and consequently found its way into the government programme of the newly elected municipal government in October 2015.

Since 2016 BIM has supported the Office of the Human Rights Commissioner of the City of Vienna in elaborating measures in the above mentioned policy areas under participation of stakeholders from city administration as well as civil society. In 2016, this process focused on the topics of children's rights and human rights aspects of safety in public space. We have continued working on these focus areas as well as supported the activities in the area of trafficking in human beings and housing as a human right.

Main outcomes of the process so far to which the BIM contributed are:

  • The study “Vienna – City of Human Rights” by Manfred Nowak supported by a number of BIM experts, 2012/13
  • The declaration “Vienna – City of Human Rights”
  • The conference “Human Rights in the City: A City for All”, 10 December 2014, organised by the BIM with the Research Centre Human Rights
  • An analysis of the structure and capacities of the Viennese Contact Point Combatting Discrimination
  • Outline Action Plan Human Rights in Vienna
  • Summary of recommendations elaborated by the participants in round tables on different aspects of children’s rights and trafficking in human beings as well as policy papers on safety and human rights and housing as a human right

Persons involved: 

Project Lead and Coordination: Barbara Liegl

Experts: Moritz Birk, Patricia Hladschik, Monika Mayrhofer, Manfred Nowak, Julia Planitzer, Helmut Sax

Contact persons: 
Lead Organisation: 
Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights
Partner organisations: 
Human Rights Commissioner of the City of Vienna
Project start: 
Project end: 
Funded by: 
City of Vienna, Municipal Department 11 - Vienna Child and Youth Welfare; Human Rights Commissioner of the City of Vienna
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