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KYRGYZSTAN: The Rule of Law Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic – 2nd phase (ROLPRO 2)

Main objectives:

After the successful implementation of the project Promotion of the respect of Rule of Law with particular emphasis on Transparency and Accountability (ROLPRO 1) a follow-up project to further support the Kyrgyz government with its efforts to improve the justice system and strengthen the rule of law was deemed beneficial.

So The Rule of Law Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic (ROLPRO 2) project started in May 2018 to assist the administration of the Kyrgyz state institutions and the judiciary, with a particular focus on widening the capacities of citizens and civil society as right-holders. The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights is the Austrian partner in a consortium composed of EU Member States, under the lead of the German GIZ. As main partner of Component 3 “Improving efficiency of the prosecution”, the BIM is responsible for implementing specific project activities related to human rights.

The overall objective of the project is to improve the rule of law in the Kyrgyz Republic by strengthening the capacity of institutions to deliver and the capacity of citizens (including civil society) to claim their rights. Each component of the project is carries out specific activities to modernise the legislative process and improve the work of judiciary and prosecution with reference to human rights, gender issues, and civil society.

The project works together with a broad range of beneficiaries such as the Parliament, Ministry of Justice, Government Administration, Ombudsperson, Supreme Court, Constitutional Chamber, Council of Judges, Council for the Selection of Judges, courts, Advokatura, General Prosecutor's Office, and prosecutors' offices. The BIM works closely with the General Prosecutor’s Office (GPO) in the implementation of Component 3 of the project.

Main activities for Component 3 “Improving efficiency of the prosecution”:

  • Provide technical assistance and expert advice to the GPO in drafting their new strategy;
  • Strengthen the activity of the Training Centre for Prosecutors and deliver training activities in the field of human rights, anti-corruption and other cross-cutting subjects;
  • Provide technical advice for the introduction of a modern unified automated information system (e-workflow) for prosecutors;
  • If appropriate, contribute to establish the new institute of justice foreseen in the draft Criminal Procedural Code, the "judges of investigation", providing technical assistance and expert advice and delivering training as needed.

News from project implementation:

Medals for BIM experts Dmitry Nurumov and Saule Aripova on the occassion of putting the new Unified Register of Crimes and Minor Criminal Offenses into operation (April 2019)

Study visit of a high-ranking delegation from Kyrgyzstan under the leadership of Vice Prime Minister, Mr. Zhenish Razakov, and the Chair of the Supreme Court, Ms. Gulbara Kalieva (December 2019)

Kyrgyz Republic
Contact persons: 

Kristina Allram-Naaijer,

Lead Organisation: 
GIZ (Germany)
Partner organisations: 
BIM (Austria), DIHR (Denmark), IRZ (Germany), JCI (France), IDLO (International Development Law Organization)
Project start: 
Project end: 
Funded by: 
European Commission, DG DEVCO