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Developing a data collection template for equality bodies with quasi-judicial powers

The aim of the project is to develop a data collection template for those members of equinet, the Network of Equality Bodies, that are specialised equality bodies with quasi judicial or tribunal functions. They have the power to hear a case and bring a formal decision which is either legally binding or non-binding. The template covers all grounds specified in the Race Directive (2000/43/EC), the Employment Framework Directive (2000/78/EC) the Gender Goods and Services Directive (2004/113/EC) and the Gender Recast Directive (2006/54/EC) and fields encompassed by the Race Directive (2000/43/EC). It provides for flexibility in order to include other grounds and fields in usage in specific national contexts.
The template is universally applicable and easy to understand and fill in, in order to support regular usage of the template. It asks for information on complaints, procedures, decisions and outcomes broken down by grounds and fields of discrimination as well as length of procedures.
Comparability of the data is guaranteed by using categories and definitions designed to accommodate the diversity of the definitions and concepts of the different powers (e.g. assistance of victims, legal assistance, power of inquiry, take cases to court, etc.), procedural rules (e.g., hearing of parties and/or witnesses, involvement of experts, establish facts, etc.) and definitions (e.g. complaints, cases, decisions) of the various equality bodies.
The deliverables include a data collection template and an explanatory background paper explaining the structure of and the most important concepts used in the template. The target group of the template and background paper, the equality bodies, participated in the development of these two deliverables by way of a survey, a workshop and a pilot testing of the template.

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Projektleitung: Barbara Liegl
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit: Barbara Liegl, Katrin Wladasch

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Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights – Research Association
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Equinet, European Network of Equality Bodies
Anti-Discrimination, Diversity and Asylum