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Children’s views on involvement in European and international decision-making

In recent years a growing number of actors has started to actively involve children and young people in European and international decision-making processes, ranging from the UN Committee on the Rights of the Child to the Council of Europe, the European Union and NGOs.
This EU-funded project undertakes for the first time to collect views of children and young people themselves on these initiatives, i.e. to what extent are these participation opportunities actually known to them, what experiences have made already and what children and young people think to be a good participatory practice.
The project is led by the Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE), with partners and associate partners from six further countries.
Key activities of this project include:
• Developing a Children’s Guide on European and international participation processes
• Literature review on existing material/feedback from children
• NGO survey on views of non-governmental actors
• In each partner country: holding of a national consultation event with about 100 children and young people
• National reports on the event, including an evaluation report with feedback from children and young people + joint full report with recommendations on good practice
• European Conference
The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights is leading the literature review and also acts as Austrian national partner for the consultation event.

All results of this projects, such as the national reports as well as a short film in English, Estonian, German and Romanian can be found on the project-website 'Speak to the World'.

Großbritannien, Irland, Rumänien, Estland, Österreich, mit assoziierten Partnern aus Moldawien und Russland
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Projektleitung (BIM): Helmut Sax
Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit und Veranstaltungskonzeption: Ingrid Ausserer, Patricia Hladschik, Sabine Mandl, Dorothea Steurer

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Children’s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE)
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European Commission, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Programme
Women's Rights, Child Rights, Human Trafficking