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Projects Environmental Migration

StartClim2016: Migration, Climate Change and Social and Economic Inequalities

The impact of climate change on migration is a multi-faceted and complex phenomenon. Climate change not only directly triggers migration, for example as a result of rising sea levels, but also exerts indirect effects which are channelled through and interlinked with social, economic, political and other aspects, for example the shortage of economic resources.

ClimAccount: Human Rights Accountability of the EU and Austria for Climate Policies in Third Countries and their possible Effects on Migration

The project aimed to analyse human rights implications of climate policies and their possible repercussions for displacement, resettlement and/or relocation. Climate policies (i.e. mitigation and adaptation policies) have an effect on the enjoyment of human rights and may even lead to migration.

ClimMig: Climate-induced migration and the need for new normative and institutional frameworks

The impacts of climate change will lead to migration, the extent of which is dependent on mitigation and adaptation measures. It is assumed that the majority of persons affected will stay within the region, i.e. mainly within the developing world, and that only few persons will have sufficient resources to arrive in countries outside their region.