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Monika Mayrhofer for Minority Report 2019

Minority Report 2019

Climate change will have profound impacts on the rights of minorities and indigenous peoples. The report "Minority and Indigenous Trends 2019" published by the minority rights group international discusses the challenges of climate change and the topic of climate justice with regard to minorities' and indigenous peoples' rights. The chapter on "Climate Change, Minorities, Indigenous Peoples and Mobility", written by Monika Mayrhofer, gives a short overview of the discussion on terminology and regulation of mobility in the context of climate change, with a particular reference to minorities and indigenous peoples. The chapter further elaborates in more detail on specific (im)mobility scenarios that are associated with climate change, drawing out their specific relevance for minorities and indigenous communities. Finally, it outlines why minority and indigenous rights are an essential component in the design and development of measures in response to climate change-related mobility.

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