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Breaking the Barriers Newsletter N°1

Read about the latest news of our project "Breaking the Barriers" in the first issue of the "Breaking the Barriers Newsletter".

The project will last until February 2022 and enables 120 judges and prosecutors to participate in transnational training courses on procedural rights for suspects and accused persons (EU Directives 2010/64, 2012/13, 2013/48, 2016/343). The target group are primarily judges and public prosecutors, who have so far not been able to participate in transnational training courses due to language barriers. The training courses are concentrated in three EU Member States (Spain, Greece and Austria), as these countries have lower participation rates in transnational training courses in EU law than other EU countries. The training courses are specifically designed for the target groups and follow a participatory and practice oriented approach, which includes the use of interactive and experiential teaching methods.


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