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Trafficking in Human Beings: Protection of Victims’ rights in Criminal Proceedings and beyond

This project aims at the sensitisation of judges, prosecutors and police officers to satisfy the rights and needs of victims of Trafficking in Human Beings, as well as at increasing their knowledge of relevant European standards and their ability to realise them. Furthermore, judges, prosecutors and representatives of NGOs in Romania and selected EU Member States (assumed to be target countries for trafficked Romanian citizens) shall have the possibility to make contacts and exchange experience concerning victim involvement in legal procedures and assistance to victims.
In the course of the project, a symposium on “Victim Rights in Criminal Proceedings and European Standards” was held in Vienna in February 2007 in cooperation with the Ministry of Justice. From October 2007 till June 2008 five trainings were held in Romania. At the end of the project a final joint seminar took place in Amsterdam. In order to ensure the sustainability of the trainings a handbook in Romanian and English was developed for the target group and disseminated.

Rumänien, Deutschland, Niederlande, Österreich
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Projektkoordination, wissenschaftliche Mitarbeit: Dina Nachbaur (bis Frühjahr 2007), Barbara Unterlerchner, Julia Planitzer (Nachbearbeitung)
Projektsupervision: Hannes Tretter, Fiona Steinert
TrainerInnen: Axel Stahl (IRZ), Marijan Wijers (La Strada International), Iana Matei (Reaching Out), Olga Vranceanu (rum. Generalstaatsanwaltschaft), Gabriela Spirea (rum. Generalstaatsanwaltschaft), Gabriele Reiter (BIM), Kurt Weisgram (BIM)

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Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights
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European Commission – Directorate General Freedom, Security and Justice, AGIS Programme, Austrian Federal Ministry of Justice, Office for Democratic Institutions and Human Rights (ODIHR/OSZE), City of Vienna – Magistrate Department for Foreign Affairs
Women's Rights, Child Rights, Human Trafficking