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Women, Peace and Security

UN Resolution 1325 on Women, Peace and Security was adopted ten years ago. It is a milestone in the history of women’s rights because it reinforces the important role of women in the prevention of conflicts, peace negotiations, peace-building, peacekeeping, and in post-conflict reconstruction instead of portraying them in their traditional role as passive victims of war. The resolution also stresses the importance of women’s equal participation and full involvement in all efforts concerning the maintenance and promotion of peace and security.

This portal, where you can find educational materials and relevant documents, as well as additional literature and important links, was implemented to demonstrate the significance of this development.


On the occassion of the International Women's Day: polis aktuell 3/14 Women's Rights are Human Rights

Girls and women are exposed to the same violations of human rights as boys and men. In addition they are disadvantaged just because they are female. Forms of discriminations and violations differs in a wide range, though. This edition of polis aktuell will give you more information.

From women's perspective: women in post-conflict situations in Africa

Christine Preinfalk, Eunice Atek und Sabine Mandl

GEZA and ÖNSI OB organized the event, “From women's perspective: women in post - conflict situations in Africa”. Within the framework of this event, Sabine Mandl (BIM) reported about gender roles during wars and in postconflict areas, as well as the importance of special needs for children, women and men, that should not only be implemented in peace-promoting work, but also in development cooperation.

Seminar on Georgia and Peaceful Conflict Resolution

The Seminar on Georgia and Peaceful Conflict Resolution, organised by the Eurasia Partnership Foundation in cooperation with BIM, held in Vienna on September 25, 2012 has brought together representatives from all three regions – Abkhazia, South Ossetia and Georgia, as well as experts – scholars and practitioners working on conflict resolution in Georgia. During the Seminar, Sabine Mandl and Christine Sommer, researchers from BIM, discussed  "The role of women and civil society in peacebuilding".

Sabine Mandl, women rights expert at the BIM talks on the radio program OE1 about the topic "no peace without women"

 Sabine Mandl, Expert on women rights at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights talks in “Radiokolleg”, a radio programme of Ö1 (13.2 to 16.2) about the development and meaning of the UN – resolution of the security council (UNRES) 1325 from a viewpoint considering women's rights.

Strengthening Women's Capacity for Peace-building in the South Caucasus Region

BIM, as partner of the CARE Austria project, "Strengthening Women's Capacity for Peace-building in the South Caucasus Region", wrote desk research reports in Georgia, Armenia and Azerbaijan focusing on women’s development and the resulted enhancement based on women’s participation in society and democracy. The reports also cover the equal treatment of men and women as well as peace-building and democracy-development efforts in which women from these countries are taking part.