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28 Sep 2022 by lbigmr

European Forum Alpbach (EFA) 2022

The European Forum Alpbach 2022 was dedicated to the theme “The New Europe”. Patricia Mussi-Mailer from the LBI-GMR was on site for the retreat “Building a European Civic Space” in Tyrol.

From Sun., 21 August, to Fri., 2 September 2022, up to 4.000 participants exchanged views on current socio-political issues at the European Forum Alpbach (EFA).

On behalf of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights (LBI-GMR), our administrative director Patricia Mussi-Mailer was on site in Tyrol. She was one of many international experts who took part in a three-day retreat organised by the Hungarian Helsinki Committee and the Hertie School on the topic of “Building a European civic space”.

Among other things, the following aspects of civil society work were discussed:

  • Enforcement of existing law
  • Improvement of EU processes and structures
  • More sustainable core-funding
  • Campaigning and communications
  • Cross-border and multi-national alliances

Patricia Mussi-Mailer sums up the retreat as follows:

“A top-class group of European human rights defenders spent three mornings dealing with the question of how we can counteract the dismantling of civil society space. I found it especially interesting that it is a great challenge everywhere in Europe to mobilise the population in the sense of human rights.”

a. Patricia Mussi-Mailer at the EFA ©EFA_Maria Kirchner
b. Discussion round at the retreat ©EFA_Maria Kirchner
c. Collection of ideas at the retreat ©EFA_Maria Kirchner
d. Discussion round at the retreat ©EFA_Maria Kirchner