05 Nov 2018 by Ludwig Boltzmann

Joint Reader Targeting Academics Teaching on Equality and Protection against Discrimination

A Joint Reader was developed based on the curriculum and lectures held at a Winter School on “Legal Protection against Discrimination in South-East Europe” within the framework of the project “Regional Cooperation between Law Faculties to Improve Protection against Discrimination – Course Development”. The description of the lectures and workshops displayed in the Joint Reader supports the implementation of the course on “Legal Protection against Discrimination in Southeast Europe” at different law faculties, which are members of SEELS, or support the introduction of various elements of the course into already established legal courses or legal clinics. The descriptions of the learning objectives and the content (e.g. power point presentations), as well as the working sheets, case studies and information on background material are presented in a way so that they can be used as a solid basis for lecturers who have basic knowledge of discrimination and want to prepare lectures and workshops. The Joint Reader is here available.