Corporate responsibility for the integration of recognised refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection into the Austrian labour market

About the Project

Businesses have a key function in the integration of refugees into the labour market. The background report, which was produced as part of a six-month project funded by the University Jubilee Foundation of the City of Vienna, outlines the legal framework of corporate responsibility and labour market access, and examines expectations and needs on the part of businesses and refugees.

Existing initiatives to promote labour market integration as well as innovative entrepreneurial approaches are highlighted as examples of good practice. The results of the analysis were published in June 2020. They provide the basis for in-depth research on the topic and feed into the debate around corporate responsibility for human and labour rights.

Projekt Data

Country: Austria
Persons involved: Margit Ammer, Barbara Linder
Contact: Margit Ammer
Project start: 08/2018
Project end: 02/2019
Project completed: Yes
Funded by: University Jubilee Foundation of the City of Vienna
Programme Line LBI-GMR: Sustainability, Development, Business, Social