Project archive

Completed projects since 2004

In alphabetical order

  1. A new Asylum Policy for Europe?!
  2. A World Court of Human Rights
  3. Access to Justice in Discrimination Cases
  4. Access to specialized victim support services for women with disabilities who have experienced violence
  5. Accountability for labour rights in global production networks
  6. ALBANIA: Institution-building for alignment with the Union acquis on the protection of personal data (Twinning)
  7. Analysis of the Functioning and Jurisprudence of the Asylum Court and Constitutional Court
  8. ASSESS – Integration of Vulnerable Migrant Groups
  9. Assistance and reintegration of child victims of trafficking – ARECHIVIC
  10. Assistance to the Management Board of the EU Fundamental Rights Agency
  11. Assistance with the Implementation of the Human Rights-(Umbrella) Policy Prototype for the Raiffeisen Nachhaltigkeits-Initiative (RNI)
  12. Atlas of Torture: Monitoring and Preventing Torture Worldwide – Building Upon the Work of the UN Special Rapporteur
  13. AZERBAIJAN: Strengthening the capacity of State bodies and local level referral mechanisms to provide safety and support to victims of domestic violence in Azerbaijan (Twinning)
  14. AZERBAIJAN: Support to the enhancement of the capacity of the Ombudsman administration (Twinning)
  15. BIH Civil Society – Civil Society as a Factor for Change in Bosnia and Herzegovina
  16. BREAKING THE BARRIERS: rights based participatory judicial training on procedural rights
  17. BULGARIA: Improvement of administrative justice in view of the fight against corruption (Twinning)
  18. Business and Human Rights challenges for cross-border litigation in the European Union
  19. Child Rights Erasmus Academic Network (CREAN)
  20. Children’s Rights and Participation – developing indicators for schools
  21. Children’s Rights Behind Bars – Human rights of children deprived of liberty: improving monitoring mechanisms
  22. Children’s views on involvement in European and international decision-making
  23. CITYCoP
  24. ClimAccount: Human Rights Accountability of the EU and Austria for Climate Policies in Third Countries and their possible Effects on Migration
  25. ClimMig: Climate-induced migration and the need for new normative and institutional frameworks
  26. ClimMobil: Judicial and policy responses to climate change-related mobility in the European Union with a focus on Austria and Sweden
  27. Climate Change and Human Rights: The Status of Climate Refugees in Europe
  28. Combating Trafficking in Human Beings for Labour Exploitation
  29. Commentary on the Convention against Torture (CAT-Commentary)
  30. COMP.ACT – European Action for Compensation for Trafficked Persons
  31. Comparative Study on Ombuds Institutions in the Australasian and Pacific Region
  32. Comparative Study on the status of the application of Directive 2006/24/EC (“Data Retention Directive”)
  33. CONFRONT – Countering new forms of Roma children trafficking: Participatory approach
  34. Consultation for the Austrian Development Co-operation in the thematic fields of Governance, Human Rights and Securing Peace
  35. Consultation for the Austrian Development Co-operation in the thematic fields of Governance, Human Rights and Securing Peace 2012 – 2016
  36. Corporate Liability regarding Trafficking in Human Beings for the purpose of Labour Exploitation and Access to Effective Remedy
  37. Corporate responsability for the integration of recognised refugees and beneficiaries of subsidiary protection into the Austrian labour market
  38. Corporate Social Responsibility to Prevent Human Trafficking (CSR to Prevent THB)
  39. COST
  40. COST Action: The Role of the EU in the UN Human Rights Reform
  41. COST Action: Human Rights, Peace and Security in the EU Foreign Policy
  42. Counter-bot: Artificial Intelligence combating racist hate speech online
  43. CROATIA: Combating Trafficking in Human Beings (Twinning)
  44. CROATIA: Establishing a comprehensive system for anti-discrimination protection (Twinning)
  45. CROATIA: Support to Gender Equality (Twinning)
  46. CROATIA: Support to the Administrative Court of the Republic of Croatia (Twinning)
  47. CROATIA: Support to the changes of the pre-trial proceedings in criminal matters (Twinning)
  48. CZECH REPUBLIC: Assistance to the Office for Personal Data Protection in Exercising Supervision in Personal Data Protection (Twinning)
  49. DAPHNE Diffusion – Information tools for a DAPHNE programme community
  50. Decade of Roma Inclusion – Revision of the Macedonian National Action Plans on Education, Employment, Housing and Health
  51. Developing a data collection template for equality bodies with quasi-judicial powers
  52. Development of a Gender, Diversity and Inclusion Policy for Volkshilfe Austria
  53. Development of EU Child Rights Indicators
  54. DIGNITY at TRIAL: Enhancing procedural safeguards for suspects with intellectual and psychosocial disabilities
  55. EAW-ALT: Addressing the overuse of pre-trial detention and the disproportionate use of EAW with alternative cross-border mechanisms
  56. Education for De-Radicalization
  57. Elaboration of a Human Rights-(Umbrella) Policy Prototype for the Raiffeisen Nachhaltigkeits-Initiative (RNI)
  58. End violence against children and juveniles in custody
  59. EQUINET STUDY – The Sanctions Regime in Discrimination Cases and its Effects
  60. EU Funds – Providing technical assistance to national bodies with a human rights remit involved in assessing EU Charter & CRPD compliance of EU funds
  61. EUROPE: COVID-19 and the European Social Charter – an arena for the European welfare state debate
  62. EU: Strengthening the effective implementation and follow-up of recommendations by torture monitoring bodies in the European Union
  63. Europe of Minorities
  64. European Prison Observatory: Strategies and Programmes for De-radicalization and Risk Assessment
  65. Evaluation of the Swiss Centre of Expertise in Human Rights
  66. Ex-post evaluation of the Ilisu Dam project on behalf of the Austrian Austrian Export Credit Agency
  67. Experiences and prevention of violence against persons with disabilities
  68. Expert Conference and Manual: Positive Measures as Strategies to Combat Structural Discrimination
  69. Extrajudicial complaint mechanisms: conflict resolution between business and human rights
  70. Extrajudicial Complaints: Striking a Balance between Business and Human Rights Interests?
  71. Extraterritorial human rights obligations
  72. FRALEX – EU Fundamental Rights Agency: Independent Legal Experts
  73. FRAME – Fostering Human Rights Among European (External and Internal) Policies
  74. FRANET – Data Collection and Research Services on Human Rights Issues (F-SE-13-T12), Lot 29 – EU and International Level Comparative Analysis
  75. FRANET – Data Collection and Research Services on Human Rights Issues (F-SE-17-T11), Lot 30 – EU and International level
  76. FRANET: Severe labour exploitation – migrant workers’ perspectives (SELEX II)
  77. GEORGIA: Strengthening European partnerships for crisis prevention and response: Civil society peace-building roundtables
  78. GLOBAL VALUE – Assessing the Impacts of Multinational Corporations on Global Development and Value Creation
  79. Got it? Verstehst? Chapes? Intercultural Understanding between young people
  80. Guidelines for the Collection of Data on Trafficking in Human Beings, including Comparable Indicators
  81. Human Rights and Poverty Reduction in Macedonia
  82. Human Rights Dialogues as Instruments of EU Foreign Policy: China Case Study
  83. Human Rights in Export Credit Agencies: Consultancy of the Austrian Export Credit Agency(OeKB)
  84. HUNGARY: Enforcement of equal opportunity policies and the effective implementation of the anti-discrimination law (Twinning)
  85. ILECUs – Strengthening the Rule of Law and Good Governance in South East Europe by further Promoting International Law Enforcement Coordination Units which Combat Transnational Organized Crime
  86. Improving Criminal Investigation, Collaboration and Network-building against Trafficking in Human Beings
  87. Improving Judicial Cooperation Across the EU Through Harmonised Detention Standards – The Role of National Preventive Mechanisms
  88. Improving Juvenile Justice Systems in Europe: Training for Professionals
  89. Inclusive Tanzania
  90. Inside Police Custody 2: Suspects’ rights at the investigative stage of the criminal process
  91. INTEGRACE – Integrating Refugee and Asylum-seeking Children in the Education Systems of EU Member States
  92. Integration and Naturalisation tests, the new way to European Citizenship (INTEC)
  93. International Criminal Law: CORE (Centre for the Observation of the Rome Statute in the European Union)
  94. International Terrorism and the Rule of Law: Reflections & Discussions on the EU-US Relationship in the Fight against Terrorism
  95. JORDAN: Support to the development and implementation of national policies, strategies & legislation related to human rights (Technical Assistance)
  96. Judging the Charter
  97. Juristras – The Strasbourg Court, Democracy and Human Rights of Individuals and Communities
  98. JUSTICIA – Implementation of the EU Directive on the Right to Information in Criminal Proceedings
  99. KOSOVO: Project against Homophobia and Transphobia (Twinning)
  100. KYRGYZSTAN: In-country research on measures and mechanisms which contribute to preventing torture and other ill-treatment in Kyrgyzstan
  101. KYRGYZSTAN: Promotion of the respect of Rule of Law with particular emphasis on Transparency and Accountability
  102. KYRGYZSTAN: Strengthening the fight against torture and impunity in Kyrgyzstan: Prevention, Accountability, Remedy and Reparation
  103. KYRGYZSTAN: The Rule of Law Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic – 2nd phase (ROLPRO 2)
  104. Labour – Rights – Responsibilities – Guide (LARRGE)
  105. LATVIA: Data State Inspection in Latvia (Twinning)
  106. Legal Protection against Discrimination in South East Europe
  107. Legal Status and Treatment of Environmental Refugees
  108. Legislation Draft for the Implementation of Directive 2006/24/EC
  109. LITHUANIA: Strengthening Administrative and Technical Capacity of Personal Data Protection (Twinning)
  110. MACEDONIA: Promotion of the Ombudsman competences and enhancement of its capacities (Twinning)
  111. Making the Charter of Fundamental Rights a living instrument
  112. Memoranda of Understanding between key stakholders and law enforcement agencies on counter-trafficking cooperation
  113. MIND THE GAP – Measuring (in)equality in Croatia
  114. MONTENEGRO: Implementation of personal data protection strategy (Twinning)
  115. MOROCCO: Strengthening the capacities of the Interministerial Delegation for Human Rights (Twinning)
  116. MOROCCO: Strengthening the capacities of the National Human Rights Council (Twinning)
  117. National Child Rights Action Plan – Experts consultation Report
  118. Non-Discrimination in the context of dyslexia and dyscalculia
  119. Nosso Jogo – Initiative for Global Fair Play
  120. OMV Gap Analysis. Support of OMV in the Implementation of its Human Rights related Corporate Social Responsibility Strategy
  121. Open research behind closed doors: Assessing the impact of Covid-19 measures on persons with psychosocial and intellectual disabilities deprived of liberty
  122. PAMECUS – Positive Action Measures in Europe, Canada, the United States and South Africa
  123. Participation for Protection – P4P
  124. Personal liberty of children in Austria revisited: Achieving impact through comprehensive national follow-up to the UN Global Study on Children deprived of Liberty
  125. Pilot Project on quality assurance for first instance asylum proceedings in Austria
  126. POLAND: Enhancement of Policies on Equal Treatment of Women and Men (Twinning)
  127. POLAND: Strengthening Anti-Discrimination Policies (Twinning)
  128. polis – Austrian Centre for Citizenship Education in Schools
  129. Prevention of ill-treatment in the context of EU criminal cooperation and the role of NPMs
  130. Protecting Internally Displaced Persons (IDPs): A Manual for Law and Policymakers
  131. Protection against Violence within the Family in Austria
  132. RAXEN Focal Point for Austria
  133. RED Network Combating Racism, Xenophobia & Intolerance
  134. Reflexive Governance in the Public Interest
  135. Regional Cooperation between Law Faculties to Improve Protection against Discrimination – Course Development
  136. Resilience and Diversity: Potentials of diversity and resilience measures for the successful management of crisis situations by companies – a preliminary study
  137. Revision of the Commentary to the UN Convention Against Torture
  138. RiVi: Rights of Victims of Survived Bodily Harm and Improved Access to Clinical Forensic Examinations
  139. ROMANIA: Support for setting up an efficient National Preventive Mechanism (Twinning)
  140. ROMANIA: Supporting the institutional capacity to prevent trafficking in human beings in Romania (Twinning)
  141. SELEX – Severe Forms of Labour Exploitation
  142. SERBIA: Support to Strengthening the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings (Twinning)
  143. SERBIA: Support to the advancement of human rights and zero tolerance to discrimination (Twinning)
  144. SERBIA: Support to the strengthening of the Ombudsman Office (Twinning)
  145. SLOVENIA: Strengthening the National Institutional Structure for the Fight against Discrimination (Twinning)
  146. Social Inclusion and Human Rights in Macedonia
  147. Social Standards in Sustainability Chapters of Bilateral Free Trade Agreements
  148. StartClim2016: Migration, Climate Change and Social and Economic Inequalities
  149. Straniak Academy for Democracy and Human Rights
  150. Strengthening Child Protection in German International Development Cooperation
  151. Strengthening juvenile justice systems in the counter-terrorism context: capacity-building and peer learning among stakeholders
  152. Strengthening the Principles of Human Rights in the Austrian Development Cooperation
  153. Strengthening the rights of persons suspected or accused in criminal proceedings – the role of National Human Rights Institutions
  154. Strengthening Women’s Capacity for Peace-building in the South Caucasus Region
  155. STUDY: Support and accompaniment of elderly/old people with life-long intellectual disability or high support needs in Austria
  156. Study on Data Security within the Transposition of Data Retention Directive in Austria
  157. Study on Equality Bodies
  158. Study on the situation of human rights in South and North Korea
  159. Teaching Materials for High School Students on Trafficking in Women and Young People
  160. The Protection of Survivors of Torture Seeking Asylum in Austria
  161. The role of human rights in governance assistance
  162. The sanctions regime in discrimination cases and its effects
  163. This Human World/One World inVienna-1st Austrian Human Rights Film Festival
  164. This Human World / Human Rights Film Festival
  165. „this human world“ – Austrian Human Rights Film Festival 2009
  166. “this human world” – Vienna International Human Rights Film Festival 2015
  167. Trafficking in Human Beings in Europe – A Commentary to the Council of Europe Convention on Action against Trafficking in Human Beings
  168. Trafficking in Human Beings: Protection of Victims’ rights in Criminal Proceedings and beyond
  169. TURKEY: Development of work with juveniles and victims by the Turkish National Probation Service (Twinning)
  170. TURKEY: Implementation Capacity of Turkish Police to Prevent Disproportionate Use of Force (Twinning)
  171. TURKEY: Improved Relations between Mass Media and Judiciary (Twinning)
  172. TURKEY: Improvement of Statement-Taking Methods and Statement-Taking Rooms in the Republic of Turkey (Twinning)
  173. TURKEY: Political Criteria Programme / TPCP II (DANIDA)
  174. TURKEY: Promoting Gender Equality in Working Life (Twinning)
  175. TURKEY: Strengthening Institutions in the Fight against Trafficking in Human Beings (Twinning)
  176. TURKEY: Towards an effective and professional Justice Academy (Twinning)
  177. UKRAINE: Assistance to the Legal and Administrative Reforms in the Sphere of Migration and Refugees’ Protection
  178. UKRAINE: Strengthening the institutional capacity of the Supreme Court of Ukraine in the field of human rights protection at the national level (Twinning)
  179. UKRAINE: Strengthening the Ukrainian Parliament Commissioner for Human Rights (Twinning)
  180. United Nations Global Study on Children Deprived of Liberty
  181. UNSRT – Support of the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture
  182. Vienna “Human Rights City” – Study and Pilot Phase
  183. Vienna Declaration and Programme of Action – Conference and Publication: Global Standards – Local Action
  184. Vulnerabilities and Antidiscrimination – Overlaps, Contradictions and Complementarities of two Popular Human Rights Concepts
  185. War and Armed Conflicts – No Peace Without Women!?
  186. When Plurilingual Speakers Encounter Unilingual Environments