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Vom Umgang mit den "Anderen"

Historische und menschenrechtliche Perspektiven der Abschiebung

AuthorsGeorg BürstmayerBrigitte Lueger-SchusterJulia Planitzer Ilse Reiter-ZatloukalStephan SteinerHarald Wendelin
EditorsManfred NowakEdith Saurer (†)
DetailsVom Umgang mit den "Anderen"
ISBN: ‎ 978-3708308661
166 pages

The anthology is the result of the interdisciplinary workshop “Historical and Human Rights Aspects of Deportation”. The contributions to the book make it clear that the practice of deportation is by no means a phenomenon of modernity, but rather a form of forcible exclusion of the “others” that has been practised since the 18th century and provides an insight into the political culture of a country. The history of Austria over the last 300 years is also a history of this form of forced migration, which until 1939 was predominantly directed against its own population and not only against foreigners. Despite the long practice, deportation as an effort to create social problems “out of the country” is a “failure story” and was and still is accompanied by fundamental and human rights violations of those affected, high costs and a huge amount of bureaucracy.