Das Recht auf Wasser

Die menschenrechtliche Verantwortung von Staaten und Unternehmen

AuthorsBettina Hohenwarter
EditorsManfred NowakFiona SteinertHannes Tretter
DetailsDas Recht auf Wasser
ISBN: 9783708310046
320 pages

The supply of water is not only a basic human need, but also a human right. It is precisely for this reason that the privatisation of water supply releases emotions, not least because of the increasing media coverage. Against the background of the current water supply and resource problems, this book deals comprehensively with the “right to water” and its meaning in the context of the activities of water supply and bottled water companies.

The Focus of the book is on:

  • the current water supply situation
  • central causes of the water supply problem
  • the right to water as an obligation for the state
  • water supply and bottled water companies as potential violators of the right to water
  • direct and indirect human rights responsibilities of water supply and bottled water companies