Assistance and reintegration of child victims of trafficking – ARECHIVIC

About the Project

The project Assisting and reintegrating children victims of trafficking: promotion and evaluation of best practices in source and destination countries (ARECHIVIC) aims to promote the development of effective child trafficking responses in the EU based on good practices assessments of victim assistance and integration policies and programmes in source and destination countries.

Its main activities include:
• Assessing the policy, legal and institutional framework for the assistance and re-integration of child victims of trafficking in source and destination countries,
• Establishing a methodology and evaluating programmes for assistance and re-integration,
• Identifying best practices for the support and protection of child victims of trafficking in selected EU countries in line with the principles of fundamental children’s rights and promoting the best interests of the victims, and promoting their replication in other EU countries,
• Developing an innovative, web-based interactive tool assisting the stakeholders’ efforts for the re-integration of child victims of trafficking; providing child victims of trafficking and their parents with information on relevant programmes; and establishing a network of relevant public and private institutions.

Project Data

Country: Bulgarien, Slowakei, Italien, Schweden, Ungarn, Österreich
Persons involved: Helmut Sax, Julia Planitzer
Contact persons: Helmut Sax
Lead Organisation: Center for the Study of Democracy (CSD, Bulgaria)
Project start: 04/2011
Project end: 04/2013
Project completed: Yes
Funded by: European Commission/EU Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Call for Action Grants 2009/10
Programme Line LBI-GMR: Human Dignity and Public Security