Commentary on the Convention against Torture (CAT-Commentary)

About the Project

In May 2008, Oxford University Press published the book, The United Nations Convention against Torture – A Commentary.
The Commentary on the Convention against Torture is the first attempt ever to provide an in-depth analysis of all substantive, organisational and procedural provisions of the Convention. It approaches the topic article by article, and is based on a thorough analysis of the “travaux preparatoires”, as well as the practice of the Committee against Torture in the State reporting, individual complaints and inquiry procedures. It further covers the drafting history of the provisions of the “Optional Protocol against Torture”. The book is intended to be a useful guide to academics, students and practitioners who wish to have quick access to particular aspects of the Convention. The compilation of the work profited significantly from the appointment of Manfred Nowak to the UN Special Rapporteur on Torture in 2004.
This project started in 2004. The principal authorship remained with Manfred Nowak and Elizabeth McArthur, but the scope of research and work demanded an increased involvement of other contributors in 2007. Kerstin Buchinger, Julia Kozma, Roland Schmidt and Isabelle Tschan played a major role in the writing process of the book, which eventually became, with more than 1,500 pages, far more comprehensive and voluminous than anticipated.

For further information see: Oxford Public International Law: The United Nations Convention Against Torture A Commentary (

Project Data

Country: International
Persons involved: Manfred Nowak (Author), Elizabeth McArthur (Author)
Articles: Kerstin Buchinger, Julia Kozma, Roland Schmidt, Isabelle Tschan
Supporting collaboration: Samantha Dallman, Alana Harrington, Melissa Kaminker, Rahim Kanani, Julia Oberreiter, Deborah Popowski, Sophie Ryan
Contact persons: Giuliana Monina
Project start: 01/2004
Project end: 12/2008
Project completed: Yes
Funded by: The Austrian Science Fund (FWF)
Programme Line LBI-GMR: Human Dignity and Public Security