End violence against children and juveniles in custody

About the Project

The principal aim of this project is to assess the situations of violence of children and youth while in custody through participatory assessment, and to develop measures to counter violence against young people in custody.

This methodologically challenging project is implemented in two main stages:
Year One – Investigating children and young people’s views and experiences and raising awareness:
• Desk-based study of law, policy, practice and mechanisms for access to justice
• Conduct parallel investigations to find out children and young people’s experience of violence in custody and their views on what needs to change at the domestic level
• Based on the findings of the investigations, work with children and young people to identify useful comparisons and opportunities for learning to be shared between countries, and develop recommendations for change at European level
• Raise awareness of children’s views, experiences and recommendations for change
• Compile findings into a single investigation report, with virtual launch

Year Two – Supporting children and young people to create change
• Support children and young people to conduct targeted campaigns based on the Year One Investigation findings
• Campaigns to clearly identify the changes needed and set SMART targets; focus on influencing those with the power to make the change happen; the progress of the campaigns are to be tracked online; final results to be published and disseminated through a virtual launch

Project Data

Contact persons: Helmut Sax
Lead Organisation: Children‘s Rights Alliance for England (CRAE)
Partner organisations: Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental an Human Rights (LBI-GMR)
Project start: 02/2011
Project end: 02/2013
Project completed: Yes
Funded by: European Commission/DAPHNE III-Programme
Programme Line LBI-GMR: Human Dignity and Public Security