Reflexive Governance in the Public Interest

About the Project

The research project focuses on emerging institutional mechanisms which seek to answer the question of market failures by means other than command-and-control regulation imposed in the name of the public interest. The overall goal of the project is to contribute to the debate on governance in the EU.
The network consists of five sub-networks; the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights (LBI-GMR) experts are involved in the sub-network “Fundamental Rights”. In the framework of this sub-network the LBI-GMR experts focused their research on questions concerning the policy field of anti-discrimination. National and EU-wide procedures, mechanisms and policies which existed and exist in the field of anti-discrimination and equal treatment were analysed. The aim was to arrive at a better understanding of what may have gone wrong and may be improved.
Besides comprehensive research and analysis of documents, the LBI-GMR experts conducted numerous interviews with experts working with different institutions and organisations at EU level. The preliminary results of the research were presented to selected experts in the framework of a working seminar in April 2008. Their views and perspectives were taken into account when finalising the study. The study was published under the title “Reflexive Governance in the Public Interest: Anti-Discrimination”.

Project Data

Country: EU-Mitgliedstaaten
Persons involved:
Overall Management of the Subnetwork: Olivier de Schutter (Université catholique de Louvain)
Austrian Project Manager: Manfred Nowak
Scientific Researchers: Marta Hodasz, Katrin Wladasch, Barbara Liegl
Experts of the Subnetwork: Albert Andronico, Catherine Barnard, Gráinne de Búrca, Paul de Hert, Bart de Schutter, Olivier de Schutter, Simon Deakin, Serge Gutwirth, Rick Lawson, Antonio Lo Faro, Manfred Nowak, Veerle van den Eeckhout, Kees Waaldijk
Contact persons: Katrin Wladasch
Lead Organisation: Université catholique de Louvain, BE
Partner Organisations: Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights (LBI-GMR, AT)
Project start: 06/2005
Project end: 06/2008
Project completed: Yes
Funded by: European Commission – Directorate General Research, 6th Framework Programme
Programme Line LBI-GMR: (In-)Equalities and Non-Discrimination