ROMANIA: Supporting the institutional capacity to prevent trafficking in human beings in Romania (Twinning)

About the Project

This project, with its overall aim of preventing trafficking in human beings (THB) in Romania, intended to strengthen the capacities of the Romanian National Agency against Trafficking in Persons (under the Ministry of Administration and Interior) and consisted of the following three components:

The first component dealt with the question of how to do research on the phenomenon of trafficking in human beings. It entailed the elaboration and publishing of a study on child trafficking in Romania and a handbook on carrying out research in the field of child trafficking.
The topic of the second component was prevention measures, including the implementation of an awareness-raising campaign on national and local level as well as the drafting of a handbook on conducting prevention campaigns in the area of THB.
Under the third component, the cooperation of the involved agencies and possibilities of how to improve it were analysed. This component resulted in a report on the improvement of the national identification and referral mechanism on the one hand and a feasibility study on confiscation and compensation for victims of THB on the other.

Besides the elaboration of the mentioned publications, a number of trainings were held for the Romanian colleagues and three study visits to Austria, Germany and Greece as well as internships at the European Fundamental Rights Agency in Vienna were organised.
In implementing the project, it was of great importance to BIM to also include other involved Romanian institutions and in particular relevant civil society organisations into the project activities.

Project Data

Country: Romania
Persons involved: Susanne Fraczek
Contact persons: Agnes Taibl
Lead Organisation: Ludwig Boltzmann Institut für Grund- und Menschenrechte (LBI-GMR)
Partner Organisations: German Foundation for International Legal Cooperation (IRZ); European Public Law Center (EPLC), Greece; Beneficiary institution (RO): National Agency against Trafficking in Persons
Project start: 11/2008
Project end: 11/2009
Project completed: Yes
Funded by: European Commission
Programme Line LBI-GMR: Rule of Law and Public Sector Reform