Teaching Materials for High School Students on Trafficking in Women and Young People

About the Project

Due to their geographic position, Italy, Poland and Austria are situated on the main transit routes for trafficking women and young people for the purpose of sexual exploitation, in particular from Eastern to Western Europe. They are countries of destination, Poland is in addition a country of origin. Several initiatives have been developed in these countries to fight against trafficking in human beings. Still, there exists a big gap in the area of high school education. Because of the complexity of the phenomenon of trafficking, it is very difficult for high school teachers – in terms of content and methodology – to develop courses on the issue.

The project aimed at raising awareness in high school teachers and students for the topic of trafficking by developing a comprehensive educational package (toolkit) for schools, based on a human rights approach.

The toolkit contains:
• a brochure on how to use the toolkit
• a manual for teachers on human rights and trafficking in its European dimension
• a teacher’s guide with some methodological instructions for trainers including examples of activities and modules to be contained in lectures
• a user-friendly illustrated booklet for students
• a legal pocket compilation with references to the main human rights instruments on trafficking at regional and international level
• a pocket book with a guide to the most important international human rights instruments regarding trafficking
• three national reports (Poland, Italy, Austria) with a detailed analysis of trafficking for the purpose of sexual exploitation in each country based on interviews with experts
The toolkit “Human Rights and Trafficking in Women and Young People – An Educational Toolkit for Teachers and Students” has been published in May 2007 in English, German, Italian and Polish and is available for download via this link:
http://unipd-centrodirittiumani.it/it/pubblicazioni/Der-Handel-mit-Frauen-und-jungen-Menschen-europaische-Dimensionen-einer/290 (in German)

http://unipd-centrodirittiumani.it/it/pubblicazioni/Human-Rights-and-Trafficking-in-Women-and-Young-People-in-Europe/291 (in English)

Project Data

Country: Polen, Italien, Österreich
Persons involved: Evelyn Bergsmann (Zentrum polis – Vertrieb der Unterrichtsmaterialien), Iris Kronlacher (Zentrum polis – Vertrieb der Unterrichtsmaterialien), Dina Nachbaur (Koordination), Maria Tcholakova (Zentrum polis – Vertrieb der Unterrichtsmaterialien), Hannes Tretter (Projektleitung)
Lead Organisation: Centro interdipartimentale di ricerca e servizi sui diritti della persona e dei popoli, Universita di Padova, IT
Project start: 05/2006
Project end: 05/2007
Project completed: Yes
Funded by: European commission, Daphne; Regione del Veneto, IT
Programme Line LBI-GMR: Human Dignity and Public Security