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Third Country Programmes

Third Country Programmes

Complementary to its Twinning projects, the LBI-GMR also makes use of other instruments of external assistance in order to contribute to the promotion and protection of human rights in the European Neighbourhood. The LBI-GMR’s activities in this area are carried out either under Technical Assistance (TA) projects or through direct grants for action, mostly funded by the European Commission. However, the Institute is also seeking funding through the bilateral development assistance mechanisms of EU Member States such as the Danish Government’s international development cooperation (DANIDA). Within the framework of EC financial support, LBI-GMR has been receiving funds through the following instruments:

 Things you need to know about Third Country Programmes

GEORGIA: Civil society leaders elaborate recommendations on peace-building

Under the aegis of the European Union’s Instrument for Stability, the project “Strengthening European Partnerships for Crisis Prevention and Response” is organising civil society round table events to develop policy recommendations for EU institutions on how to utilise the peace-building functions of civil society organisations in Georgia.