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Professional event “Because it’s time!”


Tue, 29. June 2021 – 13:30 to17:00


Montforthaus Feldkirch Dachgalerie, Montfortplatz 1, 6800 Feldkirch

On Tue, 29 June 2021, Sabine Mandl, expert for women’s rights and rights of persons with disabilities at the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights, spoke at the expert event “Because it’s time!” of the femail Women’s Information Center Vorarlberg on the topic of prevention of psychological violence.

Mandl’s full presentation is available for download below.

The name of the specialist event refers to the ongoing campaign Weil es Zeit ist: Hilfe für Frauen bei psychischer Gewalt (Because it’s time: Help for women with psychological violence) by the women’s information center femail. The campaign not only provides extensive and appealing information about the forms and effects of psychological violence, but at the same time offers help for those affected.

In an interview with ORF Vorarlberg, Mandl talks about the role played by economic insecurity, what reduces violence and why it is important to pay attention to language. You can watch hte interview here.

Sabine Mandl also spoke to Vorarlberger Nachrichten about the causes of violent attacks against women and their risk factors.
You can read the article here or find it in the download area.