Human Rights Talk: – Dying with Dignity? Assisted Suicide between Life Protection and Autonomy


Thu, 22 April 2021 – 18:00 to 20:00



Does assisted suicide contradict the protection of life enshrined in fundamental law? Or is there, in addition to the right to a self-determined life, also a right to a self-determined death?

Some of those affected see the ruling of the Constitutional Court, which annuls the criminal liability of assisted suicide, as an act to safeguard their autonomy and human dignity. On the other hand, doctors, representatives of vulnerable groups and churches warn against abuse and coercion into suicide.

We will discuss the fundamental questions of ethical responsibility, the role of the state, human autonomy and social coexistence with renowned experts. The audience is invited to actively participate in the debate.

Please register at to receive the participation link to the Zoom webinar. Participation via the live stream on Facebook and the institute website is possible without registration. Please feel free to forward this invitation to interested persons.

The Human Rights Talk marks the conclusion of the conference “Assisted Suicide” organized by the Institute for Ethics and Law in Medicine (IERM) of the University of Vienna.