Human Rights and Business

Due to media and NGO reports of human rights violations by transnational corporations, as well as the corporate social responsibility movement and its presentation of the potentially positive role of companies to contribute to the realisation of human rights, the traditional concept of the state as the sole bearer of human rights responsibility has increasingly been questioned.

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights (LBI-GMR) seeks to analyse these issues in a number of applied research projects. On a practical level, LBI-GMR offers tailor-made consultancy services for companies that are interested in implementing human rights in their daily business activities. The applied research projects of LBI-GMR establish a sound basis for our consultancy activities for companies. Equally, the cooperation with businesses provides hands-on information on current issues and problems in the area of human rights & business which would require further research.

BIM cooperates with the following companies: APG, EVN, OMVÖsterreichische Kontrollbank, HABAU.