23 May 2021 by jhobler

6th EU Day against Impunity: ICC President Piotr Hofmánski in Conversation

To mark the the 6th EU Day Against Impunity on May 23rd, 2021, our Scientific Director Michael Lysander Fremuth met with Judge Piotr Hofmański, President of the International Criminal Court (ICC) for an in-depth exchange on challenges and opportunities in international and domestic accountability proceedings for international core crimes on a virtual platform.

The conversation, which is available below, covers the significant work of the ICC in the fight against impunity for international core crimes, the challenges and opportunities in accountability proceedings at the international level, and the potential role and avenues of cooperation between EU Member States and the ICC in the fight against impunity.

a. ICC-Präsident Piotr Hofmánski in Conversation