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01 Apr 2018 by Ludwig Boltzmann

Changing Communities, Changing Policing

Changing Communities, Changing Policing is a comprehensive collection of contributions by scholars from several scientific disciplines and backgrounds who examine the policing model of community policing from various theoretical and practical angles. Based upon the research conducted over the course of the Citizen Interaction Technologies Yield Community Policing (CITYCoP) project, funded by the European Union´s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme, Changing Communities, Changing Policing focuses on four interrelated dimensions of community policing: law enforcement organizations (LEAs), citizens, technology and fundamental rights.

First, the book offers a unique typology of organizational strategies to address participation dynamics within the community policing paradigm, in addition to a comparative perspective on the Anglo-American and the Continental-European models of community policing. Second, it examines the factors impacting the attitudes of citizens to the use of community policing apps. Third, it describes the generic approaches which information and communication technology (ICT) experts can utilize in the construction of community policing ICT systems, and recommends best practices for the use of social media analytics for community policing purposes. Finally, the book explains how fundamental rights, such as the right to the protection of personal data, can be observed at the stage of the design of community policing ICT systems, how best to benefit from different ICT-enhanced community policing methodologies without jeopardizing fundamental rights, and how digital solutions for community policing facilitate access by marginalized groups to law enforcement services.

As one of the CITYCoP project partners, Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights (LBI-GMR) helpt to develop a human rights framework to ensure that the human rights of all those involved in the use of the app are protected and safeguarded. For the present publication, the LBI-GMR team elaborated the chapter “A Human Rights-Based Approach to Community Policing (CoP): Participation, Equality and Non-Discrimination with Special Focus on New Internet Communication Technologies (ICTs)”, co-authored by:

  • Petr Kudelka
  • Johanna Lober
  • Anna Müller-Funk
  • Karl Schönswetter
  • Andrea Schüchner
  • Hannes Tretter

Following up to the April 2018 Final Conference, the publication of Changing Communities, Changing Policing concludes the CITYCoP project by gathering its research findings in one academic monograph.

The publication can be bought here.

Changing Communities, Changing Policing
Authors: Mifsud Bonnici, Jeanne Pia / Cannataci, Joseph (eds.)
NWV Verlag, 2018