29 Sep 2020 by Ludwig Boltzmann

CLOSE PARTNERSHIP FOR HUMAN RIGHTS RESEARCH: University of Vienna and Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft signed partnership agreement to continue the work of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights

The University of Vienna and the Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft signed a partnership agreement on September 24th in order to continue the work of the “Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental- and Human Rights”. With this agreement, the institutions bundle their expertise and underpin Vienna’s status as “City of Human Rights”. Michael Lysander Fremuth, Professor for Fundamental- and Human Rights at University of Vienna, leads the Institute as Scientific Director. The ceremony also marked the renaming of the Institute into “Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental- and Human Rights” (BIM).

During the ceremony held at University of Vienna, Heinz W. Engl (Rector, University of Vienna) and Michael Stampfer (Board Member, Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft) signed the partnership agreement.

BIM’s Scientific Director, Michael Lysander Fremuth, held a keynote on “The Relationship between Human Rights Research and Society”. Heinz W. Engl, Michael Stampfer, Claudia Lingner (Managing Director, Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft) and Paul Oberhammer (Dean, Faculty of Law, University of Vienna) also held short speeches.

The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental- and Human Rights will continue to do fundamental scientific research according to the highest standards and continue to push ahead the practical approach, in order to achieve value and relevance for society at large.

a. Festakt: Unterzeichnung Partnerschaftsvertrag Universität Wien und Ludwig Boltzmann Gesellschaft