07 May 2020 by Ludwig Boltzmann

Expelled from Humanity: Reflections on M.N. and Others v. Belgium (Verfassungsblog, 6 Mai 2020, Adel-Naim Reyhani)

The European Court of Human Rights decided this week (in M.E. and Others vs. Belgium) that European states are not bound by the European Convention on Human Rights in visa procedures at their embassies.

“The decision (…) will undoubtedly further propel the debate on the scope of extraterritorial state jurisdiction. More importantly, however, it reveals the necessity of addressing the systemic exclusion of refugees from the international legal order”, BIM researcher Adel-Naim Reyhani writes in his article on verfassungsblog.de.

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a. Adel-Naim Reyhani © Wien Museum