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17 Sep 2020 by lbigmr

Online Training on Clinical Forensic Examinations

The University Hospital Heidelberg, one of the project partners in the RiVi project, developed an online training on clinical forensic examinations that is now available to the public. The RiVi project aims at strengthening victims’ rights through improving access to clinical forensic examinations. The online training contributes to this objective by further expanding the knowledge of medical staff towards clinical forensic examinations.

The online training provides a step-by-step instruction for conducting such examinations in a professional and victim-sensitive way. The detailed instructions will help medical professionals to deepen their knowledge towards clinical forensic examinations. For instance, the video explains how to draw up a neutral documentation, how to interact with victims, which material to use during the examination and also advises on the best ways to store evidence in order to preserve DNA samples. Victims of physical or sexual violence will benefit from an optimised access to clinical forensic examinations, enabled through the increased number of aware and trained medical professionals, the evidence stored during these examinations being a key element for possible future court proceedings.

Even though the training is primarily designed for medical practitioners and health care professionals, it is also of great interest to other relevant stakeholders, such as victim support services, police or judges.

In addition to the online training, the University Hospital Heidelberg developed instructions for the compilation of a cost-effective examination kit. These instructions are available in the download section of this article.

Click here to learn more about the project RiVi: Rights of Victims of Survived Bodily Harm and Improved Access to Clinical Forensic Examinations.