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15 Mar 2019 by Ludwig Boltzmann

Sailing and dancing for human rights

On March 15, 2019, a party for Hannes Tretter and Manfred Nowak took place in the attic of the Juridicum in Vienna. Dorothea Steurer and Dieter Schindlauer moderated the evening under the motto “Sailing and dancing for human rights”, which brought together more than 100 friends and colleagues of the two founders and directors of the BIM. The occasion was the upcoming change in the scientific management of the institute.

Patricia Hladschik and Fiona Steinert, as editors, presented the Festschrift “Making Human Rights Work” to the two honorees. With the impressive publication, containing almost 900 pages, the colleagues, friends and companions say “Thank you!” and honor two highly important voices for human rights.

The party and the publication were dedicated to the two human rights professors, who founded Austria’s leading human rights institute. Two human rights scholars who always raised their voices for human rights and never compromised. Two important pillars of the Austrian human rights scene.

The publication brings together contributions from academia, civil society, politics and business. The topics covered are as broad as the types of texts: academic contributions, interviews, conversations, stories about the BIM, anecdotes, memories, speeches, even a drama and photomontages. A publication that brings together the large network of Hannes Tretter and Manfred Nowak, a large network of people working for and with human rights all over the world.

Walter Berka held the speech in honor of Hannes Tretter and Marijana Grandits delivered the laudatio for Manfred Nowak. Katharina Stemberger read a compilation of texts from the Festschrift.
The ceremony, which then was followed by a wonderful party, ended with a vivid talk with Hannes Tretter and Manfred Nowak.

Hladschik, Patricia; Steinert, Fiona (Hrsg.): Menschenrechten Gestalt und Wirksamkeit verleihen. Making Human Rights Work. Festschrift für Hannes Tretter und Manfred Nowak. Wien: Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag, 2019. 871 S.

Orders Festschrift (Preis € 89,-): Neuer Wissenschaftlicher Verlag

a. Hannes Tretter und Manfred Nowak am Podium