12 Jun 2017 by Ludwig Boltzmann

Successful completion of the training of trainers program by the staff of the Commissioner for Protection of Equality (CPE) in Serbia

On June 12th 2017, all 19 CPE staff members participating in the training of trainers program strengthening their competences and skills in handling cases as well as doing awareness raising and outreach work received their certificates. The training of trainers program was implemented within the framework of the Twinning project “Support to the Advancement of Human Rights and Zero Tolerance to Discrimination” in Serbia and took place between April and June 2017.

The program consisted of 5 modules: “Awareness Raising Methods”, “The Art of Facilitation: Trainers’ & Presentation Skills”, “Evidence and proof”, “How to get your messages across” and “Lessons Learnt”. Karin Bischof and Dieter Schindlauer, two BIM experts, implemented the training of trainers program and developed manuals on tools for raising awareness, on trainer skills and on the Law on the Prohibition of Discrimination. In module 3, guest trainer Constanze Pritz-Blazek contributed with input from her work for the Austrian Ombud for Equal Treatment. The manuals are now ready for usage by CPE staff when preparing and implementing awareness raising and outreach work for a broad range of stakeholders. CPE staff already tested the tools in the field and shared the very positive feedback they received with the trainers and their colleagues.

CPE staff were very satisfied with the trainers’ competence, enthusiasm and energy as well as with the methodologies the trainers used. The interactivity and the space for active participation and exchange among peers were highly appreciated. Eight out of 16 participants who completed the questionnaire already had the chance of using the newly acquired knowledge and skills in their work during the implementation period of the training of trainers program. CPE staff described the program as an “invaluable experience” and as “one of the most interesting trainings ever attended”.

a. Participants and trainers after the certification ceremony