Corporate Liability regarding Trafficking in Human Beings for the purpose of Labour Exploitation and Access to Effective Remedy

About the Project

In recent years more knowledge has been gained on THB for the purpose of labour exploitation. More and more cases have come to the fore in many economic sectors, including agriculture, construction, garments, care and cleaning work. Nevertheless, as for instance shown in the project COMP.ACT, access to effective remedies is often out of reach for trafficked persons. Additionally, it is often difficult for those affected to hold companies accountable in case of labour exploitation.

This project analyses corporate liability regarding trafficking in human beings (THB) for the purpose of labour exploitation and exploited workers’ existing possibilities to have access to effective remedies. The project identifies legal avenues that can be used in order to claim compensation from corporations. Exploited workers and their legal possibilities to claim compensation from corporations by criminal or civil proceedings are at the centre of this project.

Further information on presentations held at conferences can be found here:

Presentation of Karin Lukas at conference in Utrecht in September 2016

Julia Planitzer presents at Roundtable with NGOs and practitioners in September 2016

Presentation of findings on corporate criminal law by Julia Planitzer at conference on Business and Human Rights in October 2016

Project Data

Country: Austria
Persons involved: Katharina Häusler, Karin Lukas, Barbara Linder, Martin Neubauer, Julia Planitzer
Contact persons: Karin Lukas
Project start: 05/2015
Project end: 04/2017
Project completed: Yes
Funded by: Österreichische Nationalbank – Jubiläumsfonds
Programme Line LBI-GMR: Human Dignity and Public Security