KYRGYZSTAN: The Rule of Law Programme in the Kyrgyz Republic – 2nd phase (ROLPRO 2)

About the Project

Project Topic & Roadmap

After the successful implementation of the project “Promoting Respect for the Rule of Law with a Special Focus on Transparency and Accountability” (ROLPRO 1), a follow-up project was launched to further support the Kyrgyz government in its efforts to improve the justice system and strengthen the rule of law.

ROLPRO-2 started in May 2018 and focuses on strengthening the capacities of citizens and civil society as rights holders. The Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights (LBI-GMR) (programme line “Rule of Law and Public Sector Reform”) is the Austrian partner in a consortium of EU Member States under the leadership of the German Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ).

Research Focus

The overall objective of the project is to contribute to improving the rule of law in the Kyrgyz Republic. This will be achieved by strengthening the performance of institutions and the ability of citizens to exercise their rights. Each component of the project implements specific activities to modernise the legislative process and improve the work of judicial and law enforcement bodies in relation to human rights, gender issues and civil society. As the main partner of Component 3 “Improving the efficiency of law enforcement”, the LBI-GMR is responsible for implementing specific project activities with human rights relevance. In doing so, the LBI-GMR works closely with the Office of the Attorney General in implementation.

Main activities for Component 3 “Improving the efficiency of law enforcement”:

  • technical support and expert advice to the prosecution in the elaboration of its new strategy
  • strengthening the activities of the Prosecutors’ Training Centre and providing training on human rights, anti-corruption and other cross-cutting issues
  • providing technical advice for the implementation of a modern unified automated information system (e-workflow) for prosecutors
  • contributing, where appropriate, to the new function of “investigating magistrate” foreseen in the draft Code of Criminal Procedure

Research Method

The LBI-GMR works closely with the Kyrgyz Prosecutor General’s Office and supports it in various areas.

Project Data