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HUMAN RIGHTS TALK “Who owns the world’s cultural heritage?”


Thu., 1 December 2022, 6:00 p.m.


Volkskundemuseum, 1080 Vienna
and via Zoom

“Cultural appropriation” is an emotional buzzword. While some emphasise the universality of the world’s cultural heritage, for others the colonial history marked by oppression, violence and dehumanisation cannot be ignored when the West exhibits artefacts from other cultures. Who owns cultural property? Is there a human right to own the works of one’s own ethnic group? Can “digital twins” in virtual reality replace the originals? And where do the concepts of universal humanity clash with those of the right to national identity? These and more questions will be discussed by high-ranking experts from art, science and diplomacy. The audience is cordially invited to participate in the discussion.

The event marks the 30th anniversary of the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Fundamental and Human Rights. Therefore, we invite you to a cocktail reception afterwards.

For program details please refer to the download area.

Please register at bssvpr@tze.yot.np.ng by Mon., 28 November 2022.

Zoom Livestream (Passcode: 584380)