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14 Jun 2018 by Ludwig Boltzmann

Atlas of Torture – a global cooperation platform on torture and ill-treatment

On the International Day in Support of Victims of Torture, the Ludwig Boltzmann Institute of Human Rights highlights the need to improve access to information and strengthen cooperation to advance the fight against torture by launching a beta version of the Atlas of Torture.

The website launch is part of a large crowdfunding campaign. We need to raise 50,000€ until 13 July. Please support us to bring the Atlas of Torture to life!

Support via Startnext: https://www.startnext.com/en/atlas-of-torture

Despite their universal and absolute prohibition, torture and ill-treatment remain a global crisis affecting the majority of States worldwide. The Atlas of Torture wants to use the potential of IT technologies to strengthen cooperation and empower human rights defenders, practitioners and individuals in the global fight against torture and ill-treatment.

That is why together with the experts from HURIDOCS, the BIM has decided to set up a new website and develop a user-friendly database on torture and ill-treatment and how they can be eradicated. This will serve to raise awareness, facilitate access to information for everyone and provide human rights organisations and defenders worldwide the possibility to share their work.

The database is developed by the BIM in cooperation with HURIDOCS, an NGOs specialised in supporting human rights organisations to use information and technology in the simplest and most efficient way (co-funded by the Austrian Research Fund – FWF) and built on UWAZI, an open-source solution for organising, analysing and publishing documents designed. It is developed to make information more easily accessible and allows users to search documents via various filters obtaining targeted search results.

The database will be maintained by a team of experts at the BIM but its goal is to generate a community of users and contributors to make it sustainable in the long-run. Therefore, we encourage other organisations and researchers to submit their reports, training materials, guidelines etc, thereby contributing towards a comprehensive one-stop-shop for material related to torture and ill-treatment.

With the launch of today we completed the first step: the development of a database making information easily accessible to everyone. In a second step we want to develop a Projects & Activities Map and a Learning & Exchange Platform. It is important to strengthen the global fight against torture not only through documentation but also through learning and exchange. That is why earlier this month, together with the LBG Open Innovation in Science Center, the BIM has launched a crowdfunding campaign for the establishment of a Projects & Activities Map and a Learning & Exchange Platform. In order to be successful we need your support – we have only few days left to raise the money for the crucial next steps in the development of the website. With this additional funding, we want to develop the Atlas of Torture into a global cooperation platform! If you want to know more about our plans, please visit our website and our crowdfunding campaign.

Get in touch:

Website: http://www.atlas-of-torture.org/

Email: pbagnpg@ngynf-bs-gbegher.bet

Support our crowdfunding:

Startnext: https://www.startnext.com/en/atlas-of-torture

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