EU-wide consultation series on procedural rights in police custody


Tue, 5 April 2022 -Wed, 6 April 2022


Hotel Regina, Rooseveltplatz 15, 1090 Vienna

From Tue, 5 April 2022- Wed, 6 April 2022, the first event of the EU-wide consultation series of the project From Law to Practice: Strengthening Procedural Rights in Police Custody (ProRPC) will take place in Vienna.

The event will be followed by the regional consultation on best practices in the field of the right to access to a lawyer in Romania (Bucharest) from Tue, 17 May 2022- Wed, 18 May 2022. The third event focuses on legal aid and takes place in Madrid (Tue, 21 June 2022- Wed, 22 June 2022). Finally, the conference series will conclude with an exchange of findings on audiovisual recordings on Mon, 18 July 2022- Tue, 19 July 2022 in Ireland (Dublin).

The project will identify and analyze best practice examples across all partner countries (namely Austria, Ireland, Spain and Romania) for strengthening the rights of suspects and accused persons in police custody. The resulting findings on thematic areas will be presented at regional consultations in the participating four countries. Direct exchanges with experts from other countries that already apply best practices will facilitate the implementation of planned changes. Stakeholders will explain how the best practices were introduced, what challenges were encountered and how they were overcome. Possibilities for transferring the good practices to the other Member States will be discussed.

The event will be offered via simultaneous translation in English and German and is aimed at practitioners and decision-makers in the field of the rights of suspects and accused persons.

For further information please contact Ms. Nora

a. ProRPC Projektbild (c) Natalia Bueno